Tips for Overcoming Alcohol on Your Own

If you think you need help with alcohol, you do not necessarily need to go to rehab or undergo treatment for alcohol addiction. There are ways you can overcome alcohol through simple journaling that can help you understand your actions, behaviors and why you are making the choices you are today. Controlling your alcohol use is something you already possess!

Accountability: Taking responsibility for your drinking can help you solve an alcohol problem, but first you must understand your behaviors and why you are choosing to drink alcohol so often. Look at your past behaviors; when a significant crisis or stress arose, did you seek out quick fixes that you thought would instantly make you happier? Have you ever satisfied your own needs at the expense of others? Do you even feel remorse for your actions and extreme self-pity? Do you avoid change?

The best thing you can do is write all these behaviors, feelings and actions down in a journal or log. If you are one of those people who enjoy things that satisfy you temporarily such as money, new cars, material possession, alcohol, smoking or drug habits, you will be able to gain better control of how to work on your problems instead of trying to find a quick fix to happiness. This is why many people drink; they really have no desire to seek out the changes that are necessary to solve their problems, so instead they consume alcohol.

Letting go of the past: Think of ways you might be carrying past hurts and more specifically childhood pain into the present. Write down these feelings you have been carrying into your adult life. Many people allow fear and arrogance to stop them from leaving these experiences behind them. As you begin seeing patterns in what you have written down, you will see how the past is influencing your present choices. Let go of these burdens and keep them in the past, so you can successfully move on to the future.

Change negative thoughts and patterns: Through drinking you may have a fear of having to “start over,” fear of death, fear of being alone. All of these worries can suppress you from achieving goals in life, which can be to overcome alcohol. Make a list of your fears and then list all the examples of how these fears are an active part of your life. Jot down an example of how fear dominated a situation in your life, and how it could have been changed through your actions, then ask yourself, “what other options existed for me in that moment?” Releasing and conquering fear and self-doubt can help you realize you have the strength and confidence to control your drinking if you want to.

These tips are part of the Saint Jude Program, an alternative solution to alcohol treatment and are not medical advice.