Become An Ex-Smoker And Reclaim Your Health

Although many smokers want to quit, they give up too easily. Quitting is possible if you have a positive attitude, willpower and some tricks to help you along the way, like the ones in the article below. Quitting can be easier than you previously thought if you use the following information.

Invest in lots of lollipops if you’re attempting to stop smoking. When you really want to have a smoke, suck on a lollipop instead. You can hold it like a cigarette and it will fulfill your emotional need for smoking. The sucker itself will keep your mouth busy. You can stop your craving sooner by occupying your hands as well as your mouth.

TIP! Be aware of the risks and side effects associated with anti-smoking medications such as atropine and scopolamine. Although they are supposed to help reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, your nervous system could be compromised.

Think about going to counseling to stop smoking. Sometimes, we smoke for emotional reasons. If you can successfully deal with those issues, you may lose the urge to light up or be better able to control it. If you think that your smoking may be caused by this kind of trigger, call your doctor to discuss your options for this kind of treatment.

Take things day by day. Rather than focusing on never having a cigarette ever again, just concentrate on not lighting up today. Focusing on one day at a time is easier than focusing on the long-term. Once you are committed to short term quitting, thinking about the long term will be easier.

Write down a mantra for why you are quitting. Repeat them when you feel a craving come on, or when your motivation is lost. This represents a terrific method of diverting your focus away from nicotine withdrawal symptoms and onto other critical things in your life.

TIP! When you have a successful smoke-free day, give yourself a reward. Eat a favorite food, shop for a new wardrobe item, see a movie or grab a new CD.

Once you stop smoking, help your body to recover faster by taking a daily multivitamin. Choose one that also contains trace minerals to ensure that you have the best healing power. Remember that although your lungs bear the brunt of the smoking damage, your entire body is also affected. Choosing a multivitamin can help to improve the way that you feel and your overall healing capabilities.

Getting rid of things that remind you of smoking can assist you with quitting. Throw away all of the lighters, ashtrays, and other smoker essentials in your house. You should also wash your clothes and deep clean your furniture and carpets to remove any remaining smell of smoke. By doing this, you will prevent any triggers these items would cause to remind you about smoking and make you crave a cigarette.

The first week after you start quitting smoking is the most difficult. The initial 48 hours is when the body tries to get rid of all the nicotine it has held onto. From that point on, you will mostly suffer from psychological cravings. This isn’t easy, either, but once you are no longer physically addicted to nicotine, you’ll have a much easier time resisting cravings.

TIP! Before setting a quit date or otherwise planning your quitting process, you must be committed to succeeding. Most people fail because they give up or stay in a negative thought process.

Most people really do want to stop smoking, but sadly for the majority it becomes an impossible task. The people that can successfully quit usually have made a solid plan, and have a lot of motivation to keep going. The tips and advice you have read here can help you create your own plan, and finally kick that habit.